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Oceanland team
Adventure, Simulation


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Oceanland is a play-to-earn blockchain-based survival adventure game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, OLAND. In the game, players control a lone survivor of a shipwreck who tries to survive on an unknown island by gathering resources such as food, water, wood, and metal.


As a survival game, Oceanland adopts a structure that focuses on surviving by collecting resources; players try to survive by collecting resources with the help of NFT tools on a stranded island as lone survivors. Players can use four NFT tools for each category to gather resources. This resource-gathering process in the game is called "mining."

In total, there are four resources in the game: wood, food, water, and metal. Wood is used for crafting and can be obtained with knives, axes, and saws. Water can be obtained from coconuts, barrels, and buckets. The food resource is obtained by using baskets, nets, fishing rods, and traps. Metal is another crafting resource and can be gathered with tools such as a hammer, shovel, pickaxe, and dynamite. Players consume water and food to produce metal, water, and metal to produce food, metal, water, and food to make wood, and metal and wood to have water. Players can convert these resources to in-game tokens such as OWATER, OMETAL, OFOOD, and OWOOD. These in-game tokens can be swapped for the game’s native cryptocurrency, OLAND. 

The process of creating a new NFT tool to collect resources is called “crafting.” Every player can craft NFTs as long as they have the required resources. Crafting an NFT tool does not take time; it happens instantly. Four NFT tools can be crafted in the game by players at the moment; coconut shell for water, cutter stone for wood, basket for food, and hammer for metal. Players can also upgrade their NFT tools, but to upgrade an NFT, they need another NFT called the upgrade ticket. In the game, each upgradeable NFT tool has its own upgrade ticket. Players can obtain these tickets during the mining process. However, the chance of finding an upgrade ticket during mining is totally random. Since the upgrade tickets are also NFT items, they can be traded, bought, or sold on the marketplace by players. 

During the upgrade process, the upgrade ticket and the tool are burnt. For example, if a player tries to upgrade his coconut shell, the outcome of the upgrade process will result in a brand new wooden cup. Objects with a higher tier, as in this example, are generally more sophisticated tools; a wooden cup is a more advanced and sophisticated tool than a coconut shell. The same logic applies to all NFT tools; more prominent and advanced tools are the highest in the tier.

Aside from the tools and the upgrade tickets, Oceanland also offers boosters as NFT items. Boosters are the special NFTs that are given to the Treasure Token farmers. There are three types of boosters; auto miner, production, and ticket rate. Auto miner boosters do the minings on their own; players do not have to be active in the game to mine resources if they have an auto miner booster. Production boosters increase the production ratio of an NFT tool by 4%. Lastly, ticket rate boosters boost the probability of encountering an upgrade ticket during mining to 15%. Since boosters are NFT assets, they can also be traded, sold, or bought on the marketplaces.

Token Information

Oceanland uses the OLAND token as its native cryptocurrency. The game also uses other in-game tokens such as OWOOD, OFOOD, OWATER, and OMETAL, but they are primarily used to earn OLAND tokens via swapping. Players can earn OLAND tokens by staking, swapping in-game tokens, and selling NFT assets on the marketplace. The OLAND token can be used to purchase NFT assets from the marketplace and staking.

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IDO (GameFi)7-7 Jun 2022$0.03 $288,000.00 9,600,00034% at TGE, then 66% equally over 2 months960,000,000Market cap: $1,008,000$28,800,000.00 
IDO (Red Kite)7-7 Jun 2022$0.03 $288,000.00 9,600,00034% at TGE, and 66% equally over 2 months
Circulating Supply: 33,600,000
Seed-$0.025 $1,200,000.00 48,000,0003 month cliff, then unlocked equally over 3 months


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