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Portal Fantasy

Portal Fantasy

Portal Fantasy
RPG, Adventure
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Portal Fantasy is a play-to-earn blockchain-based adventure game that takes players on a journey to unravel the secrets of the Pyli Kingdom while utilizing tokens ORB and PFT. Set in a world where Porbles, ancient magical beings that inhabit the Wilderness, have suddenly turned on humans, players take on the roles of Heroes and Architects to save the kingdom and solve its mysteries.


In Portal Fantasy, players can choose to play as either a Hero or an Architect. Heroes explore mystical worlds, solve challenging puzzles, complete quests, and capture Porbles. Porbles come in six different elements, and players can customize their Porbles to win every battle. Heroes can unlock Wilderness areas to battle and collect Porbles, level them up, and build the ultimate team to crush opponents. As players progress in the game, they will encounter epic bosses to test their skills.

As an Architect, players create worlds for Heroes to explore using the in-game map editor, Creator's Compass. Architects can use various tilesets to build unique maps and puzzles for other players to play. Architects can reach higher levels and collect new tilesets to build bigger and better quests for Heroes. Creativity is the key to being a successful Architect in Portal Fantasy.

Players can choose to purchase a Hero NFT to play as a Hero, or they can select the Hero option to start their Portal Fantasy adventure. Every player will receive a starter Porble along with their Hero.

The game features epic boss battles that will test the player's skill and strategy. To succeed in these battles, players must find the best team and optimize their Porble's stats to be victorious. In addition to battling Porbles, players will also face off against Baddies in combat. The more battles players engage in, the more rewards they can earn.

For hardcore gamers seeking an extra challenge, Portal Fantasy offers the Porble Index, a collection challenge that tasks players with capturing and leveling up all 100 Porbles. This will require players to put their skills to the test and optimize their Porble team to become the ultimate Porble trainer.

Portal Fantasy's stunning hand-drawn pixel art and original soundtracks make exploring the game's spectacular landscapes and battling Porbles an immersive experience. The game offers a rich and rewarding play experience for both Heroes and Architects alike.

Token Information

Portal Fantasy uses two tokens, PFT and ORB. PFT is used to buy NFT items such as cosmetics and hero pets. It can also be used to upgrade the Hall of Triumph, which is a place to show off achievements. ORB is the in-game resource that is earned from winning battles and completing quests. It can be used to buy potions, portal scrolls, and attack items that can help the player throughout their journey.


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