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Zynga Web3
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Sugartown is a blockchain gaming metaverse and platform that is developed by Zynga Web3, marks Zynga's entry into the blockchain gaming space. Sugartown's development unfolds in revealed chapters, indicating an ongoing narrative that is going to expand and evolve. The game is available on PC.


Sugartown introduces players to a digital universe centered around three different animals: pigs, goats, and birds. Escaping their farm, they embark on a journey to the city to visit their old friend, Mayor Mel. However, their escapade attracts otherworldly beings called Oras, which play a significant role in the game's storyline.

The Oras, the first Sugartown collection, serve as the key to accessing the platform and its ecosystem. These digital collectibles, totaling 9,999, act as tickets for holders to immerse themselves in the world of Sugartown. Released from another dimension during a coding mishap at the farm, the Oras not only provide access but also actively contribute to building games and crafting new experiences for their holders.

Sugartown unfolds as players stake their claim in the city, exploring various in-game activities. Mayor Mel's mysterious plans, the presence of Oras, and the escapades of the three animals create a dynamic and engaging narrative. With no mint fees, the game's launch occurs in three phases, accommodating both the allowlist and the general public on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The game garnered community support before the launch of its first collection. The roadmap for Sugartown reveals two chapters on the official website, hinting at ongoing development and expansion plans.

Token Information

Oras NFT holders gain the ability to stake their NFTs in exchange for Sugar, providing an additional layer of utility for the digital collectibles. It's important to note that Sugar is not a tradable cryptocurrency and can only be utilized for in-game activities. Future developments will include a dedicated cryptocurrency token, potentially tradable on external marketplaces.


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