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Simulation, Sports, Arcade


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SuperWalk is a web3 blockchain move-to-earn sports simulation game that incentivizes physical activity to earn tokens WALK and GRND. The game merges health and blockchain technology to motivate individuals toward a healthier lifestyle by rewarding them with tokens. SuperWalk is simply played by walking or running while the app is open on a mobile device.


SuperWalk offers a range of features that encourage physical activity and reward users for their efforts. Basic Mode serves as a pedometer service designed for users who do not possess shoe NFTs. Users earn points based on the number of steps they take while walking or running. These points can be converted into real-world value, with 1 point equaling 1 Korean Won. The earned points can be used to purchase a variety of items, such as coffee, snacks, e-Coupons, and more, from partner brands. To use Basic Mode, users must consent to location data collection.

Pro Mode, on the other hand, is exclusively available to holders of Shoes NFTs and offers more extensive rewards for physical activity. Users can earn WALK and GRND tokens by walking or running in Pro Mode. The tokens awarded are determined by various factors, including shoe rating, level, attributions, and items. Also, energy consumption in Pro Mode is affected by the number and grade of shoes in a user's account.

Shoe NFTs are unique digital assets that represent a user's footwear within the SuperWalk platform. Each pair of shoe NFTs features distinct designs and comes with various attributes, including level, grade, performance, durability, comfort, and luck stats. Users can strategically allocate stat points gained from leveling up their NFTs to enhance their performance, resilience, comfort, and luck.

Shoes are divided into five grades: Normal, Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legendary, each with different default stats and bonus points for leveling up. Leveling up shoes requires resources like walk and sweat, with associated costs and time constraints. NFTs can also be enhanced with additional stats, depending on certain conditions and option grades. The types of shoe NFTs include Walker, Jogger, Runner, and All-Rounder, each catering to different exercise preferences and activities. In addition, the durability of shoes decrease as energy is consumed, impacting the rate of point acquisition. Repairing shoes at the right time is required to maintain durability.

SuperWalk has a generation system for shoe NFTs, giving each generation a distinctive design and value. The number of times a specific generation can be produced is determined by its generation type, with Gen0 having the highest limit. Users can mint new shoes by combining two existing NFTs. The characteristics, types, ratings, and generations of the new shoe are influenced by those of the parent NFTs.

Token Information

SuperWalk features two essential tokens within its ecosystem:

WALK is SuperWalk's utility token and can be used for various in-app activities, including repairing, synthesizing, leveling up, building, and purchasing items.

GRND serves as SuperWalk's governance token, with a limited total supply of 1 billion tokens. It plays a crucial role in community revitalization and governance operations within the SuperWalk ecosystem.


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SuperWalk IEO ( Startup)6 Sep — 7 Sep 2022

$0.06 $100,000.00 1,666,666100% at TGE998,502,200

58,000,0005% at TGE, 12 months lock up, 24 months vesting


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