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Formula E: High Voltage

Formula E: High Voltage

Animoca Brands
Racing, Sports


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Formula E: High Voltage is a free-to-play blockchain racing web3 game that gives players an opportunity to step into the role of a racing team manager, managing their very own Formula E team. The game offers a journey through some of the most iconic cities and racetracks, and with an official license for all its Formula E content, the game ensures authenticity and a genuine racing experience for players. Formula E: High Voltage is available on PC.


In Formula E: High Voltage, players are tasked with managing their racing team to victory. The game brings the challenge of real-life racing elements such as varying weather conditions and diverse racetrack features. The game has a selection of iconic racetracks, including Berlin, New York, and Rome. Players can collect and manage a variety of drivers and cars, each possessing unique skills and attributes, allowing for a personalized team strategy.

The game provides a collection of over 200 unique skills, as players can collect drivers from different seasons and a range of Formula E cars, from Gen1 to the latest Gen3 model. Official Formula E teams are featured in the game, showcasing their attributes and skills, while Fantasy Teams offer a unique set of characteristics and playstyle.

Players can dive into the world of competitive racing, participating in both PvP and PvE modes. Battle Mode introduces a unique competitive element, allowing players to face off against AI teams and compete for racing points. Race mode, on the other hand, refers to the racing mode in which the winner is determined by the car’s speed, energy consumption, braking, and overtake attempts.

The primary objective remains consistent: to achieve the highest points across competing teams. Essential elements such as energy management play a pivotal role. Cars have a finite energy source, and once depleted, their performance dwindles. Players must strategically recharge their car's energy to stay in the race. The Attack Mode, which, when activated, provides a speed boost, facilitates overtakes. However, its activation requires careful planning to ensure optimal advantage. 

Formula E: High Voltage ensures that players can truly own their in-game assets. Drivers, cars, and other collectibles in the game are tokenized as NFTs. Two free drivers and cars are given to players when they sign up. They can choose to buy additional available in-game items as they progress further in the game.

Token Information

Formula E: High Voltage features REVV Token, the primary currency of the REVV Motorsport gaming platform. Players can use REVV to purchase various in-game items, enhancing their gaming experience and strategy. The token also serves as a reward in certain tournaments and events, adding an extra layer of engagement and reward for players.


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