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Zed Run

Zed Run

Zed Run
Racing, Sports


$2249.83738 $2249.83738 (-1.3%)
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 0x2170...9f933f8
Avalanche C-Chain 0xf20d...8fa6e15
TomoChain 0x2eaa...cc7fb8b
Sora 0x0200...0000000
RSK RBTC 0x1D93...Ac2B78f
Velas 0x8521...dff24ca
Solana 2FPyTw...b5w6Pxk



$270.48 B

Market Cap

$11.26 B

Volume (24h)
Performance (7d)


Zed Run is a play-to-earn digital horse racing game where players can set up their own stables, own NFT racehorses, and participate in races on the blockchain network. The game uses Ethereum as currency and has its own wallet called Zed Run Wallet, which eliminates the fees for transactions.


In Zed Run, racehorse NFTs have a bloodline, a genotype, a gender, a color, number of offspring, and race statistics stored in the smart contract. They all can be bought and sold in the marketplace. Four bloodlines are called Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin. Bloodlines affect the horse’s ability rating and the breeding price. Genotypes are rarities that classify the horses, ranging from z1 to z268. Horses can be one of six breed types ranging from rarest to common; genesis, legendary, exclusive, elite, cross, and pacer. Breed types help in identifying the genotypes of horses. Genotypes z1 to z10 are the Genesis racehorses, the first-generation top performers within the ecosystem.

Racehorses can be bred using a female (filly or mare) and a male (colt or stallion) horse. Filly and colt mean the racehorses don’t have any offspring, while mare and stallion indicate that they have at least one offspring. Males have a limit of three while females have a limit of one breeding per month. Non-Genesis racehorses can carry and retain abilities from their parents, and there is a probability of producing a champion racehorse that is superior to standard ones. Coat colors should also be taken into consideration since it affects the appearance of the offspring.

All unraced horses begin their careers as Griffins which have base ratings determined by their genotype. They can only compete in Griffin races, and they will be allocated into one of the classes after the race, depending on the performance. Above griffin, there are classes ranging from five to one, with one being the highest-rated. Horses can go up a class if they win enough races. Other than standard races, there are tournaments with big prize pools and harder competition. Tournaments use a qualifying leaderboard to classify participants. Players can also participate in free races if they want a risk-free experience.

Token Information

The game operates on the Polygon network and players can purchase NFT racing horses from OpenSea using ETH. ETH can also be used to pay the entry fee for the prized races. The breeding process also requires ETH currency. Since the game uses its own wallet system, transaction fees are eliminated from the process.


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