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Icon.X World

Icon.X World

Icon.X World
Racing, Sports


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Icon.X World is a sports racing blockchain game that offers a simulation racing experience for all players. Leveraging the iconic Assetto Corsa platform, known for its authenticity and realism since 2013, Icon.X World offers a dynamic racing experience. Players can dive into high-stakes races across 2000 tracks with 600 community-upgraded cars, ensuring non-stop excitement. The game allows players to customize their rides with unique NFTs, and shape the game's future through the Icon.X World DAO. The game is available on PC.


Icon.X World offers a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience that stands out in the world of sim-racing. Starting with Assetto Corsa, a leader in racing simulators since 2013, players are introduced to a universe where skill, strategy, and speed are key. The game features over 2000 tracks and 600 cars, each customizable with unique NFT-based skins, colors, and performance upgrades, allowing players to tailor their vehicles to their liking.

In Icon.X World, every race is an opportunity to showcase driving prowess and earn rewards. The game employs a dynamic "Compete-and-Earn" model where players can participate in various race types, including time trials, sprints, and endurance races, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. The competitive nature of the game is heightened by the inclusion of NFT-based leagues, where the rarity and attributes of the car skins, forged by players using the $ICNX token, play a significant role in determining the league and potential prize pools.

Customization is a central aspect of Icon.X World. Players can forge custom skins for their cars, creating a unique identity on the track. This feature not only enhances the visual appeal of the vehicles but also adds a layer of strategy, as different skins and upgrades can affect car performance and suitability for various track conditions.

The social and community aspects of Icon.X World are robust, with features that allow players to join or form professional esports teams within the Icon.X World DAO. These teams compete in high-stakes races, with a portion of the game's revenue and $ICNX tokens allocated to reward top-performing pilots and teams. This creates a competitive yet collaborative environment where players can engage with like-minded individuals, share strategies, and collectively rise through the ranks.

Moreover, Icon.X World's integration with blockchain technology ensures a fair and transparent gaming experience. The immutable record of rankings and achievements adds credibility to players' accomplishments, while the in-game economy, powered by the $ICNX token, provides tangible rewards for racing prowess and strategic acumen.

As the game evolves, Icon.X World plans to expand its reach by integrating more racing games into its ecosystem, further enriching the gameplay experience and offering new challenges and opportunities for players. This vision of a cross-game platform not only promises a diverse and ever-expanding racing universe but also solidifies Icon.X World's position as a pioneering force in the fusion of traditional gaming and blockchain technology.

Token Information

The ICNX token is the lifeblood of Icon.X World, facilitating various in-game activities and transactions. Players use ICNX to mint custom car skins as NFTs, which not only enhances their gaming experience but also determines their league placement and potential rewards. The token's utility extends beyond the game, supporting the Icon.X World DAO, which distributes earnings to players and ICNX holders. Furthermore, the ICNX token plays a crucial role in the game's governance, allowing token holders to vote on updates and events. With plans to expand its ecosystem and integrate more games, 

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