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Ballers City

Ballers City

Ballers Studio
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Ballers City is a web3 hypercasual clicker arcade blockchain game that provides players with a background of a vibrant and multidimensional city while featuring its token, BALR. Developed by Ballers Studio, Ballers City offers the players a world of indulgence, parties, and the mafia in a unique and immersive way.


In Ballers City, players take on the role of a character that is navigating the city's underbelly, where fast-paced action, high-stakes challenges, and intrigue await. The core gameplay revolves around tapping the screen to complete various tasks and collect valuable in-game resources. The more time the players invest in the game, the more they earn and have a higher chance of climbing the leaderboard of the city’s hierarchy.

Starting a journey in Ballers City is easy and accessible to everyone. The game is free to play, with no entry barriers. As players progress, they can explore the different districts, level up their character NFTs, and unlock the city's secrets.

The city itself is divided into 17 distinct districts, each showcasing a different aspect and vibe of the world. These districts are represented by unique NFTs.  Players can explore the marketplace to acquire unique NFT character cards and increase their chances of success in the game's raffle pools. Players can purchase these limited-edition NFT character cards, with 588 copies per character.

NFTs in Ballers City offer more than just aesthetic value. They play a crucial role in their progression and rewards within the game. Owning an NFT that is associated with a particular district not only makes unlocking districts more efficient but also increases their chances of winning in the daily raffle pools. These NFTs also serve as a gateway to the game's earning aspects, unlocking the reward pool and making them eligible for rewards and BALR tokens.

The game hosts both a reward pool and a lottery pool. While the reward pool offers incentives for active players, the lottery pool ensures that even free-to-play gamers can receive rewards according to their level of engagement. These pools operate in cycles and are replenished over time, ensuring that the rewards never stop being distributed within the Ballers ecosystem.

Moreover, players have a chance to be invited to real-life parties and events hosted by the game's creators. These gatherings take place in different cities and provide an opportunity to engage with other players of Ballers City in the real world.

Token Information

The native token of Ballers City is BALR, which can be earned through various means, including participating in raffles using in-game resources or purchasing them directly from the market via exchanges. These tokens serve as the backbone of the in-game economy and will play a vital role in future games released by Ballers Studio. Initially launched on the Polygon chain, BALR tokens are set to go chain-agnostic in the post-TGE (Token Generation Event) phase, expanding their utility across different blockchain networks.


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