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Fancy Games Studios

Fancy Games (FNC)

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Fancy Birds is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain arcade game where players can own bird NFTs and earn FNC tokens on the Ethereum network. Players race against each other to guide their birds through obstacles. The game is available to play on browsers and mobile.


Fancy Birds’ main gameplay loop consists of side-scrolling birds where players have to navigate them through levels while trying not to hit any obstacles in the course. Birds automatically advance from left to right. Players need to keep their birds aloft by either tapping the screen or hitting the spacebar to gain momentum and fight against gravity. Each obstacle passed awards a point. Hitting an obstacle ends the level and resets it. 

Fancy Birds are the core NFTs of the Fancy Games ecosystem. They are randomly generated and have more than five hundred unique traits and combinations that result in one-of-a-kind appearances. Each bird has traits such as accessory, background, beak, body, eyes, head, and wings. They come in different rarities that range from standard to legendary, with the possibility of mutations and breeding. Genesis birds can participate in the breeding process to produce baby birds. Mutants are developed versions of regular birds, they grant more FNC gains. Legendary and Mutant birds have special tournaments they can enter to earn limited special items.

NFT birds that are needed to unlock play-to-earn components of the game. Bird owners can complete daily and weekly quests, compete on seasonal leaderboards and participate in tournaments. There are three daily and two weekly challenges that reward FNC tokens when completed. These challenges involve quests such as flying for a certain amount of seconds, scoring a certain amount of points, or playing for a certain amount of time. Logging in daily also rewards tokens. Tournaments are hosted daily and can be entered by purchasing tickets with FNC tokens. The top fifteen percent of players with the highest scores are rewarded prizes. Players can play each day with an unlimited amount of birds.

Token Information

FNC tokens can be earned in-game by completing quests, logging in, and competing in tournaments. FNC acts as a governance token that allows voting. It can also be staked to gain further profits.

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Fancy Birds

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