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Hyperolympics is a play-to-earn collection of sports mini-games that utilize the Polygon network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, OLLIE. In Hyperolympics players will compete with each other over prizes in numerous different game modes and mini-games to earn and monetize their rewards.


The game is essentially a tournament-based hyper-casual game package. It includes over 20 mini-games each with over 50 levels in which players can participate.

The gameplay is very straightforward and skill-based. Making it easily accessible and with no character-building or inventory mechanics. The players can compete in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly tournaments with mini-games chosen at random from the game pool. These tournaments may have one or various game modes that players need to play. Players compete to climb the ladder in the tournament’s leaderboard system, and the winners of these games are chosen via an elimination method based on their scores. The top-scoring finalists will play a final among themselves and the winner of the final match becomes the tournament's overall winner and earns the highest prize.

There are 8 mini-games already playable in the game. The winners of each of these mini-games are determined by the best time, which means those who complete mini-games the fastest enter the top players' list. Here's the list of the currently available games.

HyperNinja: A mini-game based on jumping mechanics. The player must jump over various obstacles and climb walls on the given level to reach the finish line.

HyperCar: A mini-game based on driving mechanics. The player must drive carefully but also fast, and adjust the speed of the car on the given track while braking at the right moments. These tracks might have more than one Lap.

HyperDodge: A mini-game based on running and dodging mechanics. The player must complete the level without hitting any moving obstacles along the way.

HyperHook: A mini-game based on swing mechanics. The player must swing all the way with a hook to complete the level.

HyperSneak: A mini-game based on running & hiding mechanics. Like the "Red Light Green Light" game, the player must run to the opposite side but stop when the robot turns around, otherwise getting eliminated from the game.

HyperGlider: A mini-game based on flying mechanics. The player must fly until reaching the finish line with a glider without hitting the obstacles in the air.

HyperStacker: A mini-game based on the mechanics of running and collecting items. The player runs and collects planks from a water-filled track and the small islands around it. From these planks, the player can also build a path.

HyperJumper: A mini-game based on jumping mechanics. The player constantly jumps and tries to climb to the top by pressing the right platforms.

Hyperolympics currently has Hyperolympics Tournament Pass as an NFT asset. In order to earn NFT and crypto rewards, players will need to mint a Hyperolympics x Spinblade Pass NFT on the game’s website for free or own one in order to connect and play. Hyperolympics tournaments will partner with other projects and offer valuable prizes to the winners of the game, including opportunities to join exclusive whitelist programs, free non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and cash prizes. Players who have a Hyperolympics Pass can participate in competitions, giveaways, and community events organized by these partnering projects.

Token Information

Hyperolimpics use OLLIE as their sole token for utility purposes. ERC-20 token OLLIE is a fungible utility token and will be minted by players. There will be no IDO for OLLIE, and no OLLIE will ever be "pre-minted." OLLIE's total supply is uncapped and all the OLLIE spent in-game will be burned. It will be used for purchases in the in-game secondary market.


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