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Dustland is a move-to-earn sports and workout game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, DOSE. In Dustland, going on real-world runs advances the narrative and earns players virtual rewards that they can use to advance their journey.


Dustland features a proof-of-workout system that works with an audio narrative as the game progresses. To earn in the game, players must use their mobile device's GPS features and move to different locations to prevent cheating. Dustland has two games under its belt: one is Dustland Runner, and the other is Dustland Rider. In Dustland Rider, players can ride on the surface of Mars and experience a story as they progress through different levels; in Dustland Runner, players experience a dystopian Earth with zombies and pirates on their tails.

To start playing Dustland, a player only needs headphones and a mobile device. Players are called dustcaps; they run errands and serve as medics, couriers, etc., for the different settlements in the world. The game has its own story arcs with different narratives. As players cycle or run, they can listen to the story as they complete the required distances for the given objectives; meanwhile, they can also listen to their own music from their music players and work out.

Players will mainly run or cycle from objective to objective, and as they complete their quests, they will receive rewards depending on their performance. These rewards can be DOSE tokens, in-game crafting items, or NFTs. Each day players start with 20 Energy. For every minute they run, one unit of energy is consumed. Time plays an important factor in reward distribution. The system divides up the reward pool evenly so that any given time of day has the same amount of rewards available as any other time of the day. e.g., If a Daily Reward Pool is worth 24,000 tokens, then every hour, 1000 tokens are up for grabs, split across all players who run in that time window. Every mission will come with different distance requirements for players to achieve in order to earn a green tick on the distance badge. Regardless of the energy, players who start a mission and turn on GPS will have their distance achieved cumulatively recorded. For example, Mission A requires 20km and B requires 30km. When players have achieved 20 km for A, they will only need to go for another 10 km to fulfill B. 

Players can begin earning crafting rewards after spending a minimum of 5 units of energy in their run. Crafting materials are potential rewards, and their drop quantities are random. After the mission, players will be able to find the dropped materials in their inventory. Players must combine crafting materials obtained during missions with other crafting criteria in order to construct new gear or enhance old ones. Players may craft these materials into powerful and customized gear. Each gear has a unique crafting recipe and cost without a gas fee. In order to craft these materials into new gear, players will need an NFT floppy disk with different rarities. The Floppy's rarity impacts the rarity of the gear players may create. One such crafted NFT example is a shoe; the higher the quality and rarity of the shoe, the higher the reward multiplier for the player. Players may also spend resources to convert common in-game items to higher-quality NFTs.

Token Information

DOSE is an ERC-20 token that serves as the main token in Dustland. DOSE tokens are rewarded in exchange for energy consumed during a run. With each unit of energy spent, the game will distribute a share of the activity reward pool to the player. These tokens can also be used to unlock items, purchase NFTs, and participate in special events and game modes. Players can trade DOSE on crypto exchanges.


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