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MetaSoccer is a play-to-earn blockchain-based sports and management game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, MSU and MSC. Players can experience this game as the owners of football clubs or team managers. Both options allow different gameplays throughout the game.


As football club owners, players can establish their club and handle the hiring and managing of the personnel, discover, sign, or sell players, and manage the financial situation of their football clubs. Each club owner's primary goal in the game is to be the best football club by finding the most talented players and personnel. As managers, on the other hand, players will be in charge of managing the performance section of the football club. To do that, managers create training programs for their players, sketch up different strategies for each match, and keep players in the best shape and mood as much as possible. Being the club's manager means every sportive achievement is also the manager's achievement.

Just like in real-life football, scouting is essential in MetaSoccer as well. Club owners can send youth scouts searching for future star players to join their teams. Scouts can gain experience by looking for new talent along the way. If a scout is talented and experienced enough, he can gather all the information about the young player he is interested in. For example, suppose the scout has a "Master of Relations" treat. In that case, he can immediately gather all data about that particular player without making players wait for the search results to come in. Also, each scout has expertise in a player role such as goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, etc. A scout can only identify and search the players within his own expertise. Players also can assign their scouts to be the mentors of new scouts. Club owners must own two youth scouts to train new scouts and make them a part of the scouting team. 

In MetaSoccer, many factors can determine the outcome of a football game, such as the player's individual technique, team morale, team abilities, etc. As managers, players have to decide on their team's line-up and strategies. They can determine their tactics beforehand or make changes during the match, such as substitutions since the game offers information on the main statistics of the players and the match during the game. 

MetaSoccer focuses on two main game styles; PvE and PvP. In friendly PvE matches, players face AI opponents and play as many matches as they want. However, after each match, their players will be tired and even can be injured during the match. Depending on the result of the match, players can lose or gain morale. After each game, players can improve or earn new skills, and again, depending on the score, they can be rewarded with tokens. 

The PvP mode in the game is based on three different Continental Leagues; America, Europe, and Asia. Each league comprises nine divisions, and each consists of groups of 14 to 16 teams. The season of the league takes 26 days to finish. Players try to be the best team by facing other players during the season. Like most real-life leagues, a win concludes with three points, a tie's outcome is one point, and a loss will not contribute to the players' point standings. At the end of a league season, the top-ranking players receive tokens as rewards and will be promoted to a higher division. 

Players also can place bets on PvP mode's Continental Leagues. In the game, players can watch matches and choose which team or player to bet on. Upon selecting the winner side, players will receive rewards.

Token Information

MetaSoccer uses two cryptocurrencies for different purposes. The MSU token is the governance token of the game. Players can buy, sell, or mint NFT assets and participate in crucial governance votes to determine future updates. The MSC token is the secondary token of the game. This token can reward the lower division teams, send scouts in search of new players, and mentor new scouts. 

Players can earn cryptocurrencies by winning matches, finishing Continental League seasons in the top positions, selling and borrowing players, charging commissions on the sale of players, selling scouts, getting sponsorship deals, betting on Continental League, renting their stadiums, and selling tickets to fans.

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