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IguVerse is a play-to-earn blockchain sports platform where players can own NFT characters and earn IGU and IGUP tokens. The game requires players to create a virtual pet NFT, which serves as the focal point of both the game and the social aspects. The game is playable on both browsers and mobile devices.


IguVerse includes a variety of mini-games that players can play with their pets. Firstly, players need to either buy or mint a pet in order to access the game app. The game app features a player rank and level. Ranks are mintable badges that increase a player's daily earnings. There are eleven rank badges that range from free, starter, common, uncommon, unusual, rare, mystical, legendary, epic, exotic, royal, and diamond. Player level, on the other hand, is gained through experience. Experience is awarded for each task the player completes. This allows the player to level up to a maximum of level ten. 

Players can complete their profiles by verifying their pets’ codes and pictures. They can create an NFT by uploading a real pet photo. This lets them take part in and finish tasks that require them to socialize with other people. Players are able to walk their pets for a certain amount of time or play a reaction-based arcade mini-game in order to earn tokens. 

There is an energy system that determines how much a player can earn by doing different tasks. It is distributed among the socialize-to-earn, move-to-earn, and play-to-earn systems. The energy has a value between 0 and 100 and is depleted when players participate in different game modes. Energy is set to zero automatically at the reward time (00:00 UTC) every day. After the players gather their reward, their energy resets back to one hundred.

Rewards are calculated and dependent on different variables, such as the number of pets, statistics of pets, levels, and ranks. Furthermore, referrals, charity, and staking boosts can increase the players’ earnings. If a player’s energy exceeds sixty points by the end of the day, the remaining energy will be converted into tokens and distributed to every player. 

Token Information

The IGU token is the governance token of the game. It is used to cast votes for the game systems, mint new NFTs, upgrade rank, and stake. It is offered in different rounds of sales to investors. Additionally, the IGUP token has an infinite supply and is deflationary by nature as it is used to level up and feed the pets, as well as buy in-game boosters and upgrades. It can be earned as a participation reward in different game modes.

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