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Ultimate Champions

Ultimate Champions

Ultimate Champions


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Ultimate Champions is a blockchain-based fantasy football game on the BSC network with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, MGC and CHAMP. The players take on the role of football team manager, in which they can leverage their football knowledge to build the best possible team every week to win cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


The game is entirely free-to-play and utilizes officially licensed digital cards that are hosted as NFTs on the blockchain. In Ultimate Champions, players take on the role of a manager and are tasked with building the best possible team every week with their Ultimate Cards. The game is built on the concept of fantasy football, where players use their knowledge of the sport to build a team of players from different leagues around the world. However, compared to classic fantasy games, Ultimate Champions has several additional layers.

One of the unique aspects of Ultimate Champions is that players build their teams with the cards they own as collectibles. Each card represents a real-life athlete, and players can acquire these cards through various means, such as drafting, trading, and earning rewards. The cards are NFTs and have unique attributes and statistics based on the real-life performances of the athletes. Ultimate Champions has athletes from multiple national leagues around the world. This allows players to build teams with a diverse range of players from different countries and leagues, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game. Ultimate Champions also attempts to value each position in the most balanced possible way using a wide array of statistics from every football game from Stats Perform (formerly known as Opta). This ensures that the game is fair and balanced for all players, regardless of their football knowledge.

Players register a team of 14 Ultimate Cards (a starting 11 and 3 substitutes) in in-game competitions, which are in sync with real-world sports calendars and usually span over a few days. During the competitions, the real-life performances of the athletes are translated into a fantasy score. If users' teams reach a certain fantasy points threshold, they earn rewards. These rewards are a mix of cryptocurrency tokens and new NFT athlete cards. Players can earn two different types of tokens in Ultimate Champions, MGC and CHAMP. The tokens are earned through drafting cards and participating in competitions. The tokens can be used to acquire new cards and participate in special events.

In Ultimate Champions, players can earn valuable digital assets through the game's play-to-earn model. The game is free-to-play, meaning players can play it without spending any money. However, by performing well in the game, players can earn rewards such as NFT cards and tokens MGC and CHAMP which can be traded and used to acquire new cards and participate in special events. The game features a free-to-earn loop which is mainly powered by the starting rewards and the Leagues game mode, and an extended play-to-earn loop which includes tournaments, a Clash game mode, and a Staking feature. Players can earn tokens by participating in different game modes, climbing the ranks, and holding tokens every game week. They can also earn NFT cards through different game modes and by purchasing packs with tokens.

Token Information

In Ultimate Champions, there are two main types of currencies: the CHAMP token and the MGC token. The CHAMP token is the utility token used across the game and can be used by players to purchase in-game content. It can be earned by playing the game. The MGC token is the main reward source for players. The supply of MGC is unlimited, it is not listed on exchanges, and its value is determined by the cost of packs. Players can earn MGC by participating in different game modes. The MGC can be used to purchase low-tier packs that give players a chance to unlock NFT cards and other in-game content. 


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